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Our Technicians...

Together we total more than 50 years of experience on the job...

Shop Manager and Service Manager is Al Sivik.
Al is the proprietor of Al's Garage and Arrow Automotive. His 44 years of experience includes servicing all domestic and foreign automobiles, light and medium duty trucks. He is an expert motorcycle mechanic. His many years of racing experience adds to his background and his knowledge of Hot Rods and Custom cars. Al also operates the towing equipment and maintains the inspection station with full emission testing and repair facilities.

All great technicians understand the job requires thinking outside the box. Diagnosis simply does not mean you look for a defect, then you replace the defective part. We all must remember, something caused the failure. Mileage is a factor, but there is more to it than that. When one part fails prematurely there is reason...all our technicians understand this and remember what they saw yesterday can be part of that same symptom today. "It really requires us all to work as a team." -- Al Sivik

Pa. Inspection Technician, chassis technician, John Law.
John has been servicing automobiles and light trucks for almost 12 years now. He has experience in all types of vehicles including motor-cycles and trailers. His chassis experience renders him an ideal tech on the Hoffman alignment machine. He understands steering problems and can diagnose potential dangers by simply inspecting the tire wear. "Tires tell everything" -- John L.
There is a lot to be said about disgnosing automobile repairs. A good technician will use all his God given senses. The smell of the lubricants, the feel of a worn brake line, the temperature of a radiator or the hoses...all the senses are in play. Look, listen, smell, touch...for me it is the only way,  the better way to do "hands on" automotive repair.
               "I do every repair as if my family was going to ride along with you" -- John L.

Inspection Specialist, Emission Technician and general 'damn good' mechanic...
Bill Stash.

BillBill can be found just about anywhere there is a vehicle on a rack. Bill understands brakes, electrical and fuel  systems. His expertese on our Hoffman Alighment Machine makes him the go to for all our alignment tasks.
Bill knows engine diagnostics and understands each sensor under the hood and the data these sensors send to the on-board computer. He can explain why reading "engine light" codes requires understanding of all functions, because they work together in harmony.  He will tell you "it is not about the code". The technician must understand what an oxygen sensor does and why false readings are so often misinterpreted. The correct diagnostic saves time and money. The tech is only as good as his "diagnostic tool", but the best tool, in the wrong hands can be dangerous!!
                                  "It's not rocket science, unless you want to be" -- Bill S..

ALAl speaks highly about all his technicians...
John is a good man to have around. He works hard and is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Most young people today take life for granted and expect everything to come with little or no hard work included...not Johnny...he is long over that and is willing to work hard and get the job done right !! John's experience is never questioned. He will fix it right!!

Bill h
as been with me for a long time now, his 29 years of experience and his "love" for the business makes him a key part of the Arrow Automotive team. He understands "safety and emissions".  Bill is a good tire man too...he helps out with ordering parts and does body work as well.  This is the key to proper maintenance of any vehicle. You must know your mechanics and trust them and their judgement.
It is one thing to have employees, it takes time to build a family. All dependable shops have employees, we have something different. This business can become a stress. There are so many elements that must be considered each and every time we lift your hood, inspect the brakes or change a tire. We know you depend on you vehicle for work and play. We treat you and your transportation as if we depended on it !! That's what family is all about.
We will do our very best, each and every time we service your vehicle...that is a promise.
Al, Bill, John and all the Arrow Team...

If you have a question for any of our technicians, you may call during regular hours, if you cannot stop in or just need service information, please use out contact form. Simply "click" on the "contact menu" listed on our menu above.

Regular Customers: We have a database that can tell us what we completed the last time you brought your vehicle in. No sorting through old paperwork, we know when you are ready for inspection, a tire rotation or the next oil change. All you have to do is sign up for Al's E-mail Service. Al will send you a prompt when you are due for service and he will let you know about those money-saving sales that are not advertised. He will send you coupons too...sign up today. Use the "contact menu".