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 Safety Inspection: Tires and Battery

Arrow Automotive Mechanics: Are trained to inspect tires and battery during the state inspection service. What to look for is important and it is  detailed in the PA. State Safety Inspection Manual.

The most common problems include: Tire pressure, tears or bubbling on the side wall. Of course, general tread wear is noted and might require immediate attention.
In many cases wear is caused by over or under inflation, but our technicians know how to diagnose other problems that may be serious in nature. Certain patterns of wear will display steering and/or suspension problems. The proper diagnosis leads the mechanic to a start point where problems that could cause an accident are evaluated and eliminated. This is one of the main points in the PA. Safety program.

The battery is another point of safety covered by the PA. regulations. Not all inspectors take time to look for loose mounting, rusted battery trays and poor battery connections.
As stated in the rules, the vehicle must be capable of starting using battery power. If the battery is not charged properly the inspection cannot be completed, therefore the battery is part of the automobile safety inspection.




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