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Automobile & Light Truck Maintenance...

Of all the maintenance free automobiles on the road today...none are really "maintenance free"
  Al Sivik...

First and most important is the OIL CHANGE...if  you think you are saving money by having your oil change done by a "quick-lube" service station...please rethink your decision. You have a lot invested in your automobile. SO why would you turn that investment over to an "oil change technician"?? Most of them have no knowledge in what the oil can tell you about your engine.
Our technicians, the same quality service experts who have replaced hundreds of engines for more than 40 years...we know what to look for. We can cut open your oil filter and investigate. We can test the oil properties and suggest changes that can save valuable engine miles.
 Don't let that "cheap and fast" advertisement  change your mind, get the job done right!!  Let us do your next oil change and under car inspection.
            Tires are our specialty and we offer great prices on Mastercraft Tires...

 I prefer the Mastercraft tires because they are perfect for all Western Pa. drivers.
      Al Sivik...
The basic Mastercraft tire offers long mileage, and great endurance over our weather beaten
        highways and local roads.
Mastercraft uses a notched, solid center rib with a refined  tread
        element. This helps provide even tread wear. The shoulder slotting is designed to resist any
        irregular wear due to tire scrub from Pennsylvania road surfaces . This unique design offers
        complete control as your suspension reacts to changing road conditions.
Trust Al's Garage to choose the right Mastercraft for your car...prices are great and Al
         always offers specials that meet or exceeds the competition.
Get a deal on a full wheel alignment with every set of four Mastercraft Tires.
Arrow Automotive Services will replace your battery with the right one at the
        best price...
Cold Start power is required in our Pennsylvania climate. Most car engines start
         fine in warm weather, but when the temperature drops below freezing...the battery
         must deliver "more power" to turn over the engine. Lubricants in your engine are not
         the only problem. The BATTERY dielectric can break down in colder temperatures and
         after 36 months of service, the battery becomes vulnerable to temperatures.
Other factors such as charging system...use of the vehicle and general maintenance can
          affect your BATTERY'S efficiency. Don't just replace, repair and inspect...that is why
          we use DEKA BATTERIES and other top brand us before it becomes a
          real problem.
Catch a great price now...and get a better start in the morning!!!